Type: Attack Helicopter
Health: 750[1]
Speed: 111
Crew: 2
Primary weapon: Rockets
Rate of fire:2/s
Passenger's weapon: Minigun

The Z11 is an Attack Helicopter in Red Crucible: Firestorm and Red Crucible: Reloaded.

Red Crucible: FirestormEdit

The Z11 is the first attack helicopter available to the player in the store.

Players that signed up before the big vehicle update kept the Z11 in their inventories.

The vehicle is also pre-spawned in all maps with helicopters for the Red Team as the "Z11 B" which is essentially a Z11 with its own camouflage.

Red Crucible: ReloadedEdit

The Z11 is the default spawned helicopter for the Red side.

In the first few days of the release of the game, the Z11 was available in the vehicle shop, along with many other vehicles. They were eventually taken out due to the fact that many of them were already pre-spawned.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. around 18:10

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