The M16 is the primary assault rifle for the Blue Team


The AK-74 is the primary assault rifle for the Red Team

 For a list of all weapons, see category:weapons.

Weapons are the primary tools used by soldiers in Red Crucible. There are 4 classes of primary weapons and two 'types' of secondary weapons.

Primary weapon classes Edit

Assault Assault rifles and shotguns feature medium magazine capacity, medium damage, and high mobility. 
Support Equips light machine guns with higher magazine capacities, a higher rate of fire and a higher damage output, but at the cost of a lower mobility.
Sniper Scoped weapons for long-range killing, with a medium magazine capacity.
Demolitions Explosive weapons such as grenade launchers are designed for taking out land vehicles or aircraft. High damage but low mobility and slow reload time. Weapons in this category ignore the player's armor.

Secondary weapons Edit

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The player carries a pistol or submachine gun as a secondary weapon.

Melee weapons Edit

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Since the Firestorm update, melee weapons have their own slot. Every player equips one.

Types of weapons Edit

Class weapons Edit

Weapons under the Class tab can only be unlocked if the previous weapon has been unlocked. A new tier is unlocked at a certain level per class.

Store weapons Edit

Store weapons can be bought with Hp or with Coin. The price in coins will always stay the same. Store weapons are relatively cheap compared to premium weapons, and will display new weapons in association with the player's level.

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Premium weapons Edit

Premium weapons athe two grout 6 e to any player level, but are only for sale for a limited time. Premium weapons will have the tier of your current level, so it is recommended to buy these weapons at higher player levels.

Since 2014, premium weapons have three editions. Better editions are more expensive.

  • The Bronze edition is the standard, cheapest, edition.
  • The Silver edition features a custom sight.
  • The Gold edition has the custom sight and a silencer attached.

Upgrading weapons Edit

When you upgrade a weapon to a higher tier, you increase the damage of the weapon. The amount of damage added on to your gun depends on what tier you are on. Upgrades cost 25 coins or 1,000 HP