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RCF Gameplay Trailer

RCF Gameplay Trailer

Red Crucible Firestorm Open Beta Launch

Red Crucible Firestorm Open Beta Launch


  • Daily reward
  • New minimap
  • Animation for calling airstrikes
  • Interaction with the map
  • The bomb in Demolition and Attack & Defend
  • Ammo boxes to refill your magazines

Red Crucible Firestorm - Frankfurt Alpha Game Play

Red Crucible Firestorm - Frankfurt Alpha Game Play

Red Dawn Alpha Game Play Footage

Red Dawn Alpha Game Play Footage.

73 Easting Alpha Game Play Footage

73 Easting Alpha Game Play Footage

Red Crucible

Red Crucible

Red Crucible Firestorm Map Previews (pictures)

Red Crucible Firestorm Map Previews (pictures)

A list of new features in Red Crucible: Firestorm. Firestorm ("Red Crucible 3") is a major Red Crucible update set to be released on April 15, 2015. It is currently available on the test server, both as web player and as standalone download for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Firestorm will make use of Unity 4.6.1. The whole game got a new layout and house style. Every detail seems to have been taken care of, and there is almost nothing the same as in RC2. All textures are redone and the overall visual quality has been improved. However, the amount of content will be less, as RGS selects maps (and vehicles) to be in Firestorm.

Note that not all these items may be released on the release of Firestorm. Rocketeer plans to add more vehicles in later updates.

Old test server description

  • 24 brand new vehicles
  • 17 new/updated arenas
  • 3 new songs on over 150 CDs

(Almost) confirmed[1]


Many maps are updated with more complex structures and detail, and some maps now have levolution-like elements, like destructible bridges or gas pipes blowing fire. Many (or maybe even all) maps will contain ammo boxes to refill your ammunition.

The arenas that will be available upon release are:

Confirmed arenas that come later:

  • A7 Autobahn
    • The map is larger
    • The bridge seems to be destructible.
    • More complex villages and farms wih interiors
    • A power plant
  • Frankfurt
    • Totally new structure: the old, symmetric, low-detail Frankfurt is completely gone
    • A construction site, with a crashed Mi-8
    • A tunnel under the city
    • Interiors
  • Kiev
    • Much more detail
    • There are many controlled elements in this map. Players can control elevators, for example. Also, there are gas pipes that shoot heat gas when shot. (Friendly fire disabled so far)
    • Rain
    • Burning ships and a raging battle in the air in the distance
  • Sand Storm
    • Bases for the two teams like in 73 Easting
    • Interiors
  • 73 Easting
    • Tank wrecks
    • New mountains
    • A supply aircraft flying around, that resupplies your ammo when flying close to.
  • Revised oil refinery
    • More height differences around the roads
  • Red Dawn
    • A hangar
    • Gas pipes blowing fire in the staircase. It is unknown whether this is triggered by shooting the pipes or not.
    • An ammo refill depot in the basement



Gaz69B, M151

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-17 om 10.54.24

The M151 MUTT

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-17 om 10.43.52

The PT-76

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-17 om 13.55.05

The M551 Sheridan

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-17 om 14.01.05

In many arenas, vehicles no longer spawn on the map, but need to be spawned at spawn stations. Vehicles are no longer decided per team, and each player can deploy any vehicle. If a player has unlocked the vehicle, they can select it at the spawn station, and the vehicle will spawn directly, with the player in it.

There is a computer on which the player can select a vehicle to spawn. This is familiar to the Catch-a-Ride from Borderlands. Vehicles of the same type are limited per team, which means that there can't be endless amounts of the same vehicle in the map.

Also, vehicle cameras keep looking forward when steering. In third person, there is no crosshair and there is a y-ax limit. First-person is now the default view of vehicles, and the amount of ammunition is limited.

The player will be able to jump out of a flying aircraft. This is a major improvement for anyone who can't get out of a helicopter even when it's basically on the ground.

  • New LUVs. These LUVs will possibly have machine guns on top for the passenger. This was seen in earlier test server videos, but were removed later, just like those on the Humvees two years ago. This COULD mean that the Humvees and the UAZs get them too, but this is not confirmed yet.
  • Improved aircraft controls
    • Jets: Barrel rolls will be possible in Firestorm.
    • Helicopters: The mouse is now used to steer the helicopter. A and D can be used for strafing.
  • Landing and taking of with plane became much more realistic.
  • A new model for the T-72 tank. This model would feature new machine gun firing effects and an actual player as gunner on the top instead of an invisible person.
    • This COULD mean: New model for the M1 Abrams, and new firing effects for ALL vehicles in the game.


Weapons have limited ammunition, just like vehicles. Right now, the player only carries one spare magazine, but that might be subject to change.

The twitching effect of zoomed-in weapon has completely vanished, which makes the new scopes a lot more accurate and fun.

  • Many new melee weapons like a butcher knife and a tanto.
  • Almost all (old) weapons have new models!
  • New models for the M16 Sniper and the AK Sniper, featuring the new sight like that of the Taranis or Talon. All sniper scopes are updated this way.


  • RocketCam: there is no longer a video in the corner of the screen. Instead, the camera is behind the rocket/missile and follows it.
  • Animations:
    • For calling in an Artillery Strike: the player pick a cellphone and calls a number. Also a new speech.
    • Deploying mines
    • Healing

Game modes

  • Territories: Capture zones and hold them to get points.
  • Conquer: some kind of King of the Hill mode, like shown on the vehicle selection screenshot.

User interface

  • Complete new armory.
  • Weapon icons: every class will display an icon. Vehicles will display rockets or a Gatling gun.
  • Zones will be displayed right on the screen to show their locations. The capturing progression will also be displayed.
  • New health bar
  • The minimap is now square and also shown points like vehicle selection and ammo boxes.


Schermafbeelding 2015-01-17 om 13.56.35

The Armory in RCF (ignore the arrows left and right)

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-17 om 10.49.54

Vehicle selection in A7 Autobahn

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-17 om 13.56.05

Vehicle selection in Sand Storm

  • The tertiary weapon slot has changed to a Melee slot.
  • Free XP, HP, and coins when logging in consistently. ("Daily Reward")
  • Ammo boxes in the map: press E to refill your ammo when near a box.
  • Voice cammands: Players can commnunicate with alt+#. The player can choose between Thanks, Get in, Need a ride, Go go go, Cover me, Follow me, and Defend point.
  • The player can switch camera sides in third-person by scrolling the mouse wheel. This is very helpful for looking around corners.
  • Walking/sprinting speed decreased
  • Jumping height decreased
  • Grenade effects: Blue team grenades leave a blue tail and Red team leave a red one behind them.
  • New camera switch effect (zooming)
  • Updated death cam
  • Improved laser attachment[2]


Will the Mac app be updated?
"There will be a Mac App, and it will replace your current app. There will be no more RC2 once this releases. Our plan at the moment is to release simultaneously on all of our platforms."
Will there be a knife mode?
No. At least, not at release.


Test server change log[3] [4]

See Changelog.txt for the current changelog.

Beta 15 (Build 261)
[New] Reset Password feature back in
[New] Buying boosts now shows the total time being purchased
[New] Promt player to defuse bomb with E
[Fixed] CVAs now adjusts player limit based on clan members in the match
[Fixed] incorrect minimap shader in low
[Fixed] Create match: arena background squished
[Fixed] Join button in S&D when leave and rejoin
[Fixed] grenade trail going through geo
[Fixed] Join button visible when already joined to S&D between rounds
[Fixed] When S&D is Match won/lost, hide "Round 1/5"
[Fixed] Rank up window: mouse cursor visible
[Fixed] Lighting issue on inventory character during match
[Fixed] Damage is down a tier in RCF weapons
[Fixed] Create match: New backgrounds for arenas show up
[Fixed] molotovs colliding with player
[Fixed] Inventory/Store/Unlock: Item tiers now show up again.
[Fixed] Team names and scores not showing up sometimes.
[Fixed] Buttons and Navigation not working in Inventory/Store/Unlock
[Fixed] player controlling lift in kieve when dying close to it
[Fixed] Unlock Arena window
[Fixed] Inventory/Equipment: Head slot now named Head instead of Helmet
[Fixed] Joining wrong team between matches
[Fixed] CVA team is now determined by the server
[Fixed] Team buttons showing up while loading an arena
[Fixed] New accounts now see TOS when clicking Create
[Fixed] now forces players to always rejoin the same team
[Fixed] character transparency issues
[Fixed] Join button not working when clicking while the chat input is activated
[Fixed] typing long chats in Friend/Clan chat
[Fixed] Fade out character ragdoll
[Improved] Changes to Buy/Sell windows
[Improved] New Level-up and Killing Spree window
[Improved] tweaks to Chat UI
Beta 14 (Build 252)
[New] Inventory: equipped weapons/gear buttons and separation from rest of view. (consumables coming soon)
[New] Kick players after 7 suicides
[New] Repair Kit
[New] Inventory/Store/Home: new way of displaying items in a bundle/package/daily roll
[New] Match stats: Added assisted kills, and vehicle/aircraft destroyed
[New] Get Coins button now functional
[New] Clan matches available to everyone in a clan
[Fixed] Store: Can't buy items that aren't package or bundle.
[Fixed] Match does not properly close after 15 matches
[Fixed] Login: pressing Enter / Return keys in the ID field adds a newline instead of logging in
[Fixed] Low settings not working for player guns
[Fixed] Can't join a match if arena requires downloading
[Fixed] Arena conitnues to load when leaving while downloading or connecting
[Fixed] Vehicle quick spawn
[Fixed] Primary and secondary weapons transparent
[Fixed] Boosts expiration not updating when recieved from Box
[Fixed] Anti shoot thru walls
[Fixed] Consumable bar didn't show up in a vehicle
[Fixed] Rephrased "Exists are blocked" message to "Exits are blocked"
[Fixed] Can deploy and switch weapons while free falling
[Fixed] Free falling not killing fly hackers
[Fixed] Can deploy and switch weapons while free falling
[Fixed] Expiration not updating for equipped items
[Fixed] Boxes disappearing from store after purchasing it
[Fixed] Rocket cam not working properly
[Fixed] Get Coins window: fixed an incorrect tooltip
[Fixed] Prmotions page: when clicking away and back now displays the last group of promos.
[Fixed] When loading a match after the first, the default background now shows up again
[Fixed] Game crashes after joining a game session
[Fixed] Player's team not resetting after match if they joined under 2 mins
[Fixed] Join button does not show up if they joined under 2 mins
[Fixed] Weapons in 3D preview issues
[Fixed] Zoom and grenade
[Fixed] Exit vehicle out of arena
[Fixed] End of match stats: fixed XP bar
[Fixed] Mobile Spawn out of Arena
[Fixed] can't join a match during count down if match time is under 2 minutes
[Fixed] Control Point issues
[Fixed] chat not always auto scrolling down
[Fixed] Sticky grenade stuck on head
[Fixed] Inventory: double-clicking a consumable that's assigned to another slot correctly assigns it to the current slot
[Fixed] Inventory: clicking from a slot with a consumable to a slot without a consumable correcly hides the Assign and Sell button, and deselects that consumable in the list.
[Fixed] Match screen: Fixed sizing on Join button to match others
[Fixed] Survivor and Clan matches: sometimes could not join a match in progress
[Fixed] Buy window: typing a quantity updates price in realtime again.
[Fixed] unable to join after a match in Survivor
[Fixed] Control Point progress not showing for late joiners
[Fixed] clicking bug
[Fixed] Unlock: Buy back button no longer shows up for Arenas
[Fixed] Inventory: when clicking a consumable slot that's empty, item no longer shows as assigned
[Fixed] Inventory: When switching to Consumables, item in current slot is immediately checked in list
[Fixed] randomly joining base camp when playing quick match
[Fixed] not joining existing boot camp rooms
[Fixed] default items should be in all loadouts
[Improved] GUI: option controls no longer have their arrows squashed
[Improved] preload arena after unlocking it
[Improved] load Kiev in the background while in Bootcamp
[Improved] Match screen: Spectate button no longer hidden when Join button is visible
[Improved] Viper sniper reload animation
[Changed] reduced spawn protection to 4 secs
[Changed] Daily reward: Continue button now looks more like a button
[Changed] Players who fire now show up for 5 seconds, up from 4
[Changed] reduced delay before allowing to exit operables
[Changed] texture quality reverted to full res again
[Changed] Minor tweaks to info messages in Deploy screen
[Changed] Switched web server
[Changed] Some UI buttons made more clear that they are buttons
[Fixed] Mobile Spawn within IgnoreProjectiles colliders
[Fixed] Grenades go through windows
[Fixed] Parachute animation not looping
[Fixed] disabled ironsight when gun kicks back
[Fixed] gun fire animation off while sprinting
[Fixed] moltov fire hurting team vehicles
[Fixed] Quickmatch loading the wrong arena when retrying
[Optimized] use basic shaders on Low

Beta 13 (Build 238)
[New] Ammo box consumable
[New] Boost Previews
[New] Home: Play button now does a quickmatch. Added browse button for the rest
[New] Home: Hides Browse, Character, Social buttons when player has not completed Boot Camp
[New] Home: Added Logout and Exit buttons
[Fixed] All weapons in third person is visible
[Fixed] Exiting a vehicle some times fills player's ammo supply
[Fixed] quick match fails to join when creating new game sessions
[Fixed] issues with quick match not always joining
[Fixed] Character menus: dropdown updating when hovering over inactive tab
[Fixed] Inventory: clicking one item and then another would equip the second
[Fixed] Logout and Exit buttons visible during Daily Reward
[Fixed] Logging out with an account that had a daily reward shows it again on login with another account
[Fixed] Player minimap icons not showing up correctly
[Fixed] issue with gun spread
[Fixed] Quickmatch not workimg
[Fixed] Can't buy XP boost
[Fixed] Player name in incorrect position if clan name is short
[Fixed] survivor 3rd person animation
[Fixed] Depth of Field Scoped Weapon Issue
[Fixed] Player name HUD incorrect position
[Fixed] invisible player weapons
[Fixed] Inventory: Vehicles tab once again usable (not store or unlock)
[Fixed] Player speak not working in vehicles
[Fixed] Player speak volume is too low
[Fixed] Inventory/Store: Boosts now attempt to load preview items
[Fixed] Mobile Spawn Point Slope Suicide
[Fixed] Minimap: Enemy vehicles now only visible for 3 seconds after firing.
[Fixed] Rounds off by 1 after match ends
[Fixed] Enemy vehicles on minimap only show up for 3 seconds after firing
[Fixed] can use some Item bar items in vehicles
[Fixed] Buying more than one item with the 1/20/100 buttons works again
[Fixed] Player minimap icon mis-positioned after exiting vehicle
[Fixed] Minimap icons for misc arena objects not aligned when player is in a vehicle
[Fixed] removed doppler audio effect for player audio
[Fixed] Boosts continue ticking after a match is over or before match is started
[Fixed] Spectating players without boosts shows the last list of boosts
[Fixed] Character preview does not automatically load after download is complete
[Fixed] When player asset not loaded, show loading wherever necessary
[Fixed] Attempt to load preview item for Boosts and such.
[Fixed] HUD: Vehicle minimap icons should show up now
[Fixed] Vehicle minimap icons position and rotate with the vehicle
[Fixed] issue with quickly switching between social tab
[Fixed] Bloom not working
[Fixed] in-game chat draws over name
[Improved] added trail delay to sticky grenade
[Improved] delay for grenades tracers
[Improved] Character menus: list title now shows current category instead of equipped item (or nothing)
[Improved] Inventory: Unequipping an item removes it from the character preview.
[Improved] store and unlock lists got a makeover
[Improved] Unlock Arena now has categories slightly more visible
[Improved] Minimap made slightly larger
[Improved] tweaks to social and clan UI
[Changed] Removed Quickmatch button from Browse/Create nav menu again
[Changed] Inventory: items rotate slower
[Changed] Weapons in store and unlock now preview on their own instead of on the character.
[Changed] HUD: Time enemies are visible on minimap after firing upped to 4 seconds.

Beta 12 (Build 228)
[New] Active boosts (and Mobile Spawn) show up near minimap in match
[New] Deploy: consumables and boosts show up, available to resupply (except when dead)
[New] Deploy screen shows current round
[New] Win/lose screen shows current round, and how many rounds each team has won
[Fixed] friends/member list incorrect size
[Fixed] clan notification UI formating
[Fixed] Buy Window in Deploy Screen - text field focus
[Fixed] in-game chat losing focus when game starts or ends
[Fixed] unable to chat when spectating
[Fixed] chat input gets selected after every new chat entry
[Fixed] medkit healing only 73% instead of 75%
[Fixed] MGL + Minigun right click
[Fixed] Base Camp grenade bug
[Fixed] Vehicle HUD visible when spectating
[Fixed] Sniper scope textures
[Fixed] Frozen vehicle spawning GUI
[Fixed] HUD: spectating in default camera shows giant white map markers
[Fixed] Match win xp not added to match end xp
[Fixed] CVA not working properly
[Fixed] driving vehicles upside down
[Fixed] rentals being removed from the store after renting
[Fixed] Minimap: brought back large map, Press U to bring it up
[Fixed] Player minimap icons not being colored correctly, and/or showing up as white squares
[Fixed] When leaving vehicle, player minimap icon position and rotation are wrong
[Fixed] Buying consumables/boosts removes it from the store
[Fixed] Sprinting camera motion jittery issue
[Fixed] Rounds incorrect for late joiners
[Fixed] XP gained during match does not reset after match
[Fixed] buying items doesn't always remove the item from the store
[Fixed] boosts and rentals not working
[Fixed] can't see rented items in the store
[Fixed] buying an item removes it from the store
[Fixed] selling an item puts it back into store
[Fixed] Join button on CVA
[Fixed] Add Boost button in Match screen works properly again
[Fixed] Store preview not working for some consumables
[Fixed] Deploy screen: can only refill consumables while in match and alive
[Fixed] Deploy screen: boosts now color red when less than 5 minutes remain on them (HUD is the same way)
[Fixed] incorrect item expiration display
[Fixed] match is closing
[Fixed] battle time increasing before joining a match (during spectate)
[Fixed] Reset match stats between matches (kills, deaths, kdr, accuracy, etc.)
[Fixed] Player minimap icons now show color better.
[Fixed] New consumable/boost buttons showing outside of Deploy screen, and while loading
[Fixed] Boosts/rentals should only get used up while in a match
[Fixed] Rented weapons in unequipped loadouts
[Fixed] HUD: when leaving a vehicle spawn window, stay on the main item bar
[Fixed] Vehicles explode into multiple vehicles
[Fixed] when waiting for weapons to download, knife loads instead of placeholder weapons
[Fixed] Store refresh bug after buying an item in Promotions
[Fixed] Inventory: preview character getting stuck
[Fixed] Unlocking Tier 9+ weapons only displays coin option since they cannot be unlocked with honor
[Fixed] weapon not reset to equipped in 3d preview
[Fixed] character preview issue when switching between inventory categories
[Fixed] inital camera location when switching spectate view
[Improved] game chat now supports word wrapping
[Improved] smoother weapon switch
[Improved] added framerate dependent mouse smoothing
[Improved] vehicle camera no longer rolls with the vehicle in 3rd person view
[Improved] HUD: active boosts and mobile spawn display
[Improved] Coins and honor show up in a match
[Improved] Fullscreen button visible on Home, all other nearby buttons clump up
[Improved] Menu navigation: Fullscreen button (almost) always visible. Settings button active in match
[Improved] Menu navigation: In match, added Unlock tab
[Improved] reduced download slots while in game to reduce performance hit when first joining matches
[Optimized] turn off rendering on main camera when in menu
[Changed] When using rocket cam and airstrike together camera no longer gets activated
[Changed] Match screen: consumables counting 5 or fewer will show red, down from 25
[Changed] Inventory: selected item now highlighted, equipped item(s) now have a checkmark
[Changed] Reduced XP boost to 25%
[Changed] Enemies now show up for 3 seconds (up from 1) on minimap when shooting, unless using a silenced weapon
[Changed] removed redundant spectating player name

Beta 11 (Build 214)
[New] 3rd person mode when spectating
[New] Browse matches now shows CvA matches
[New] Switching sides between clan matches
[Fixed] Bundle prices in promotions
[Fixed] rendering guns in front of objects
[Fixed] deployables not drawing properly in 1st/3rd person view
[Fixed] issue with switch left/right side when spectating
[Fixed] Inventory: Equip/unequip and Activate/deactivate buttons overlapping, and improved their behavior
[Fixed] player collider doesn't adjust when in a vehicle
[Fixed] camera jitters in first person while sprinting
[Fixed] Air strikes and artillery strikes inconsistent
[Fixed] joining wrong team in CvA matches
[Fixed] Browse Matches now shows correct match type
[Fixed] issues with 3rd person rotation
[Fixed] buy issues in Promotions
[Fixed] buying and listing bundles that's already owned
[Fixed] "Match full" when dead
[Fixed] issues with 3rd person rotation
[Fixed] issue spawning some vehicles
[Fixed] Joining Survivor game and player list does not draw
[Fixed] Promo packages showing up as bundles
[Fixed] Hitting Deploy screen in S&D or Survivor in progress shows Join button
[Fixed] canot buy items right after it expired
[Fixed] Assigned Consumables not updating count in Inventory
[Fixed] Upgrade button shows up for some consumables
[FIxed] Buy button not showing up for bundles
[Fixed] When spectating and, left-clicking now always brings up the Deploy screen
[Fixed] Spectate button now shows up when a match is in progress and player has not yet joined or is unable to join.
[Fixed] Rental duration descriptions
[Fixed] Buy button and others stay active with an empty item list
[Fixed] Spectate button named Return when player is alive
[Improved] reduced jitters in vehicle camera
[Improved] If joining a match late, Waiting message now displays "Please wait for the (game/round) to end"
[Improved] If joining a full match, Waiting message now displays "The current match is full, [....]"
[Improved] Social screen: no longer shows the arena when in a match
[Improved] Nav menu (top): when in a match, correctly highlights active tab instead of being stuck on last clicked
[Improved] Slight delay on dropdown menus in Inventory, etc.
[Changed] Vehicles can no longer be added to an item bar. That will return later on
[Changed] HUD: item bar no longer switches to vehicle bar when approaching a vehicle spawn point
[Changed] Store/Unlock: Vehicles section no longer accessible on store/unlock views since none are there
[Changed] Inventory: equip/unequip, assign/unassign, activate/deactivate buttons all moved to bottom right of screen.
[Changed] Deploy screen: "Return" button renamed "Spectate"

Beta 10 (Build 204)
[New] Class icons over players
[New] Inventory/Store/Unlock: improved navigation
[Fixed] claymores and mines not triggering
[Fixed] Weapon with multiple versions buy button issue
[Fixed] Store: Bundles in promotions tab
[Fixed] Can purchase multiple copies of a single bundle
[Fixed] colliders not working on deployables when joining late
[Fixed] when deploying in 3rd person, object is deployed relative to camera instead of character
[Fixed] incorrect claymore and mine rotation for late joiners
[Fixed] incorrect rotation of deployable miniguns for late joiners
[Fixed] Survivor scoring
[Fixed] random spawn controller changing location
[Fixed] decals on restricted zones
[Fixed] support for packages in Promotions
[Fixed] damaging same player multiple times in damage zones
[Fixed] Store / Promotions: Bundles in promotion now show the Buy button
[Fixed] Inventory: Skins other than default not showing up on character
[Fixed] Other minor GUI fixes
[Fixed] rental deactivation causing huge expiration time
[Fixed] buying multiple boosts and rentals should extend expiration time
[Fixed] control point visual fix
[Fixed] control points state not synced for late joiners
[Fixed] extend rental periods or boosts if purchased multiple times
[Fixed] Unlock: Demolitions tree not showing correct progress
[Fixed] combined multiple same items into one
[Fixed] item expiration issues
[Fixed] Store: changing gear sections (head, upper/lower body) sometimes resulted in display problems
[Fixed] Buy window: boosts showed duration and quantity together
[Fixed] Inventory: upgrading equipped item causes a different item to equip
[Fixed] Inventory: clicking on weapon/gear slot button (left) causes list to select first item instead of equipped one
[Fixed] Match Create/browse: positioning on Create / Join button
[Fixed] Unlock: unlocking arenas now works again
[Fixed] more menu button/tab fixes
[Improved] "Waiting for players" / "Match begins in" moved to middle and got a background
[Improved] "Waiting for Players" / "Match Starting in..." label now shows up in Social screen
[Changed] disabled destroying same team's deployables
[Changed] allow player to suicide but not harm teammates
[Changed] Browse matches: dropdowns now pop on hover
[Changed] Create/browse matches: moved confirmation button back on the right side.
[Changed] Settings: OK button renamed SAVE
[Changed] Store: boosts are now a buy, not a rent

Beta 9 (Build 192)
[New] Store: clicking an item inside a package or bundle now displays details for that item.
[New] Drop S&D bomb with physics
[New] Added max altitude limit for aircrafts
[Fixed] Auto rockets and guided rockets can't shoot out through spawn shield
[Fixed] Players are unable to shoot through spawn shields from their spawn
[Fixed] Deploy: display problem with newly created match
[Fixed] Store: selling multiples of a consumable
[Fixed] incorrect honor prices
[Fixed] 3D preview not restoring character state when switching items
[Fixed] 3d preview placing objects in the wrong location
[Fixed] Buy window: sizing on coin cost matched to size of honor cost
[Fixed] Radio buttons (checkboxes): fixed texture stretching
[Fixed] Changed Press E to Hold E to plant Bomb & bomb showng up while held by player
[Fixed] Deploy screen: fixed delay in player joining team
[Fixed] Store: promotion prices are now correct in the Buy window
[Fixed] Store: image previews for some packages were not showing up properly
[Fixed] Store: sizing on store list for non-widescreen resolutions
[Fixed] banned for hacking for equipping some items
[Fixed] Double vehicle clone in Red Dawn
[Fixed] server issues with S&D
[Fixed] unable to interact with any object when exiting as a passenger
[Fixed] Vehicles freeze in mid air when exiting
[Fixed] weapon game object not setting stats
[Improved] Misc visual improvements to tabs and buttons
[Improved] Keyboard controls legend sizing and positioning
[Improved] Various buttons improved positioning
[Improved] improvements to 3d preview
[Improved] Character menus: simplified Buy/rent/sell/unlock/upgrade window. No more second confirmation window.
[Improved] Store: added text with bundles and packages to clarify that one comes with all items and one is a choice.
[Improved] reduced the bailing distance threshold
[Improved] better altitude limit for helicopters
[Changed] Various buttons changed from arrow to normal button style
[Changed] Character menus: Button to buy/rent/sell/unlock/upgrade now in one location instead of spread out, and instead of coins/honor buttons
[Changed] limit names to 15 characters

Beta 8 (Build 182)
[New] Stationary Minigun shield + weapon updates
[Fixed] Splash damage causing damage thru walls
[Fixed] Inventory: Vehicles no longer show up in background when switching to Weapons
[Fixed] Inventory: Icons for vehicles now show up in the quickbar on the left
[Fixed] Going from Store to Inventory in "Gear" now displays correct filter
[Fixed] Home page: Clicking on News items or Tutorials button should correctly open a browser tab on the Web player now
[Fixed] render artifacts at a distance
[Fixed] Killing a player in a vehicle results in "Vehicle Kill" instead of "Kill Shot".
[Fixed] Bug with SMG-type primary weapons causing the HUD to not show up
[Fixed] Guided rockets not firing after awhile
[Fixed] Minor fixes to TDR: Armor
[Fixed] MGL not firing after awhile
[Fixed] Match does not end properly after time expiration
[Fixed] character and weapon visibility issues after entering or exiting operables
[Fixed] free fall animation when operating
[Fixed] Browse matches: sorting now works correctly
[Fixed] Inventory: current item name and/or tier now shows up for vehicles, gear, and items
[Fixed] MedKit not working properly
[Fixed] control points not unregistering dead players
[Fixed] security patch
[Improved] Items displayed in the Inventory/Store are forced to high detail models
[Improved] reduced framerate impact of heavy physics
[Optimized] performance problems with explosion
[Changed] Inventory: Item lists now default to the first item selected, if there are items in the list
[Changed] Killing a player from 225m away results in a "Long Shot" (down from 300m)
[Changed] Killing a player who's in a vehicle, results in a "Vehicle Kill"
[Changed] Builds for Mac are now 64 bit
[Changed] Rendering path defaults to Deferred again

Beta 7 (Build 171)
[New] HUD: added "Unstoppable" kill streak - 15+ kills
[New] HUD: Kill Streak displays now have a 5 second timer. Rewards earned still go by total kills until death
[New] HUD: new text for Melee / headshot / explosive / longshot (300m+) kills
[New] Browse matches: added online player count
[New] HUD: Screen objectives are now hidden when using iron sights / scope
[New] HUD: Screen objectives, when not scoping, now fade in opacity when near the crosshair.
[Fixed] Cancel objective should work more consistently
[Fixed] game freezing
[Fixed] security patch
[Improved] chat now color codes the message you type
[Changed] Remove message for auto refill, added delay till next refill
[Changed] Browse matches: matche no longer show as "full", just the player count/limit
[Changed] forward rendering only
[Changed] removed Basic Weapons asset

Beta 6 (Build 164)
[New] Inventory, Store and Unlock menus now have a Play button
[New] Mobile spawn point deploy animation
[New] Permanent Banning
[New] Home page: added buttons to link to game tutorials, and to show in-game controls
[New] kill streak rewards
[New] allow MODs to browse all matches
[New] auto unlocked vehicles
[Fixed] issues with control points
[Fixed] Promotions page: item thumbs now display correctly
[Fixed] Store/other: minor visual bug when confirming a purchase (both windows close properly now)
[Fixed] Store/other: minor visual bug when confirming a purchase (both windows close properly now)
[Fixed] HUD: FPS sometimes got stuck on 15 when spectating a player.
[Fixed] Inventory: Label for helmet slot no longer shows as Web Gear
[Fixed] Control points and ammo dumps refined
[Fixed] Proximity mine gets character stuck
[Improved] In-game windows now fade in and out instead of popping
[Improved] Mobile spawn now indicates team
[Improved] Promotions page
[Changed] max matches increased to 15
[Changed] allow MODs and above to close matches
[Channged] Control point captures now reward multiple players
Beta 5 (Build 160)
[Fixed] Inventory: "Upgrade" button no longer shows up in store or unlock views.
[Fixed] issue downloading assets from dev server
[Fixed] Inventory: Upgrade button working again for selected item, if it has an upgrade
[Fixed] When driver bails vehicle, passengers can't exit
[Fixed] Remote players playing free fall animation when deploying parachutes
[Fixed] When driver bails vehicle, passengers can't exit
[Fixed] abandoned vehicles self destruct again
[Fixed] Settings: hitting Apply or OK didn't always save correctly
[Fixed] issue entering vehicle
[Improved] Updated visual for Promotions page
[Improved] HUD: Player name and icon above minimap colored by team, when applicable
[Improved] HUD: "Attacking" or "Defending" now colored by player team. Now shows "Round x/y" when not yet joined a team
[Improved] HUD: Minor tweaks to improve contrast and readability
[Improved] smoother network movements
[Improved] smoother vehicle network interpolation
[Improved] Settings: "Custom" quality cannot be directly selected. Changing any Graphics setting except Resolution applies Custom.
[Improved] Settings: Music/sound on/off button (speaker) now darker when off
[Improved] Settings: On/off buttons in Gameplay tab are easier to tell apart
[Optimized] optimized network code
[Optimized] Optimized frame rates
[Changed] Inventory: moved Upgrade button to right side near selected item name
[Changed] Inventory: Weapon/gear equipment slots show item names. Gear slots broken up by body sections
[Changed] parachute can be deployed sooner
[Changed] Mouse sensitivity increased by 50%
Beta 4 (Build 152)
[New] Vehicle bailing
[New] Added chest kill for 50 Cal
[Fixed] some player shots not showing up
[Fixed] after exiting vehicles with charcters visible, player will be unable to interact with any objects
[Fixed] reduced steering sensitivity on jeeps
[Fixed] Conquer Control points now reset
[Fixed] Players joining Search & Destroy during the count down
[Fixed] Vehicle spawn limit does not apply to quick slots
[Fixed] Vehicle spawn GUI remains active when entering a vehicle while within the vehicle spawn trigger
[Fixed] Bomb mesh getting stuck when leaving site while planting.
[Fixed] Tank first person HUD disappears
[Improved] better bullet tracers
[Improved] better grounding of vehicles and aircrafts
[Improved] Clicking (inventory/store)
[Improved] Mail and Chat buttons at top bar are now green when active, and have tooltips.
[Optimized] more character optmizations
[Changed] Deploy screen: when a match is closing, now should display "Closing in X seconds" instead of "Waiting..". Also disabled Team selection and Join button.
Beta 3

Build 145

[Fixed] loader not working
[Fixed] Fix for the clicking bug, v2
[Fixed] Clicking bug
[Fixed] Player list: List sorting now works correctly. Click a column (while in Deploy screen) to sort by that stat.
[Fixed] "Join Game" button in profile not working
[Improved] Added fading from loading screen
[Improved] Player list: Mods once again show up as green
[Improved] Long player names should no longer cover your screen
[Improved] Misc menu tweaks
[Changed] Recent button opens player profile instead of friend request
[Changed] GameClient scene is now loaded as an AssetBundle
Beta 2

Build 141

[Fixed] close match by admin
[Fixed] Deploy screen: Join button & Return button on at the same time
[Fixed] Player list: extra long scroll bar
[Fixed] earned xp/hp not submitting to account server
[Fixed] Vehicle Spawn GUI Sprint/Move Bug
[Fixed] Control Point issues
[Fixed] player switching to low detail if lowerbody is behind an object
[Fixed] multiple players in bootcamp
[Improved] Victory/Defeat screen: Don't draw unselected team "select" button
[Improved] [ToBeTested] Deploy screen: When joining a match, if the match became full while loading, you'll start out spectating
[Changed] Deploy screen: Player list: Sorting now defaults to Score.
[Changed] Deploy screen: Player list: clicking a column to sort the list(s) no longer shows that column as "selected". Sorting and reverse sorting still happens.
[Changed] Nav Bar (top right): Home & Settings button not active when in a match, only Fullscreen. To go to Home, leave the match.
[Changed] Matchmaker: Temporarily disabled Quickmatch
Beta 1

Build 138

[Fixed] earned xp/hp not submitting to account server

Build 137 [:Fixed] Vehicle Spawn GUI Sprint/Move Bug

[Fixed] Control Point issues

Build 136

[Fixed] player switching to low detail if lowerbody is behind an object

Build 135

[Fixed] multiple players in bootcamp

Build 134 [Changed] Account registration enabled

[Fixed] Store bug with browsing packages / bundles, and all Item Buy windows
[Fixed] issue joining the same Bootcamp match

Build 133

[Fixed] Rain texture in Kiev
[Fixed] Control points no longer detect dead players

Build 132

[New] Inventory: Added class icons below Loadout selection. Will sync with Minimap and Match Stats soon.
[New] HUD: When joining a match in progress, or after being eliminated, a message now stays visible about that
[Fixed] near clipping plane of FPScam reduced
[Fixed] Fixed an occasional bug with browsing Items in the inventory
[Improved] HUD: Kill streaks adjusted to be less intrusive
[Improved] Inventory/store: item stat swindow clears out when no item is selected
[Improved] Another tweak to Kill Steak sizing/positioning

Build 131

[Fixed] issue loading some gears
[Fixed] ammo stops firing after awhile

Build 130

[Improved] Updated vehicle/aircraft 3rd person view

Build 129

[Fixed] Match stats only show at the end of a match, not every round

Build 128

[Fixed] individual scores not properly serialized
[Fixed] issue respawning in some game modes
[Fixed] Molotov splash damage working
[Fixed] End of Match stats now reset between matches
[Fixed] End of Match stats: Accuracy value corrected
[Improved] Deploy screen: Inventory/Store buttons should show up correctly most of the time
[Improved] Bullet impacts play random hit sound/New impact effect

Build 127

[Fixed] issue respawning in some game modes
[Changed] removed new vehicle system

Build 126

[Fixed] Terrain settings not set to correct values

Build 125

[Fixed] Game menu does not close when in full screen mode

Build 124

[Changed] End of Match stats window moved to Deploy screen
[Improved] End of Match stats window now shows some player stats. More to come.
[Fixed] When waiting on a match to start, if it begins while the game is not in focus, the deploy screen would not properly stay up.
[Improved] Menus: Rapid fade in/out or out/in improved.
[Changed] When leaving a match, the menu now returns to the home screen

Build 123

[Fixed] Store & Inventory: fixed a bug with browsing vehicles and consumables
[Changed] Disabled auto weapon switching when out of ammo

Build 122

[Fixed] Gun not visible when spectating others

Build 121

[Fixed] forced Weapon LOD not working
[Improved] improved character skinned mesh performance

Build 120

[Fixed] Sniper scopes causing performance problems

Build 119

[Note] Rebuild

Build 118

[Fixed] Deployables getting destroyed in 3rd person view

Build 117

[Fixed] (for real) Inventory: when some items are selected, inventory stops responding
[Improved] Inventory: Sell button hidden if player has not completed boot camp
[Improved] Inventory: Sell button hidden if no item selected
[Improved] Inventory: When clicking on Quickbar slots, the item list now correctly shows which item is equipped to that slot

Build 116

[New] allow for Kill Streak image for explosives
[New] Helpdesk window now has a quick link to FAQ
[Fixed] Helpdesk window fixed and updated
[Fixed] (maybe) Bug with shooting popping up Stats window right after a new round begins
[Fixed] Recent bug with some Inventory items causing menus not to respond
[Improved] Consumable bar in match now shows shortcut key numbers
[Improved] Misc menu fixes

Build 115

[Optimized] improved performance of player firing

Build 114

[Fixed] Pink rain in Kiev

Build 113

[Fixed] Not receiving reward after completing/skipping Basic Training

Build 112

[Changed] Return to menu after completing boot camp

Build 111

[Fixed] issues in boot camp

Build 110

[Improved] Optimized character performance

Build 109

[Fixed] can't deploy in boot camp

Build 108

[New] Game menus now have tooltips on them. More of them coming soon!
[Fixed] Helpdesk window working again
[Fixed] Issue with center of gravity when player enter vehicles
[Fixed] Turret not pointing at camera
[Fixed] Basic Training deploy problems
[Improved] New generic upperbody sprints
[Improved] Increased rain intensity
[Improved] Minor menu tweaks
[Improved] Visual fixes / improvements to Home and News
[Changed] Basic Training skip option shows after 10 mins

Build 107

[New] Promotions menu: items now link to Store page
[Improved] Promotions menu: visuals revised
[New] Store menu: now has a Promotions tab listing all current promotions with discounted prices
[New] Inventory: Double click an item to equip it
[Improved] Inventory: item lists now default to equipped item as selected, or to nothing selected
[Improved] Inventory/Store: Now shows proper item quality colors

Build 106

[Fixed] Objectives on screen show smooth capture progress
[Fixed] Tab once again shows player list

Build 105

[Improved] Reduced smoothing for camera look

Build 104

[Changed] Removed Development build

Build 103

[Changed] Development build

Build 102

[Improved] Optimized character rendering when behind objects

Build 101

[New] Player vehicles are now limited per type, per team. Actual limits may vary per arena

Build 100

[Fixed] Menu and Deploy visibility in Boot Camp
[Updated] Kiev & A7 Autobahn

Build 99:

[Improved] Server no longer kicks players with Developer role

Build 98:

[Fixed] Resolution settings not sticking
[Changed] decreased jogging animation threshold

Build 97:

[Fixed] Depth of field not working
[Changed] Switching from or to Low causes rendering problems: disabled texture reduction

Build 96:

[Fixed] incorrect default resolution

Build 95:

[New] first pass vehicle physics for PT76

Build 94:

[Fixed] Player unable to move when in fullscreen
[Fixed] Delay chat input to avoid accidental inputs
[Improved] arena load screen loads immediately if cached

Build 93:

[Fixed] Player can move around, jump, etc. while the menu is open

Build 92:

[Fixed] arena loading screens not showing after the first load
[Fixed] Control Points showing "Exiting capture zone" when remote player exits
[Fixed] Deploy button shows up again
[Fixed] HUD: Some objectives on screen were drawing only half the icon
[Improved] Inventory: visual for bronze/silver/gold/platinum items changed slightly.
Highlighted item now means equipped, not selected.
[Improved] Victory/Defeat screen and player stats window now stay up for at least 1 second before being clickable.

Build 91:

[Fixed] Cannot respawn after dying in a capture point
[Fixed] Player is not destroyed if they quit within a control point
[Changed] Remove game session after last player leaves

Build 90:

[Fixed] unable to send private chats in-game
[Fixed] scrolling issues in lobby chat
[Fixed] moderators can now chat without joining a match
[ToBeTested] player stuck after deploying
[Changed] Unity 4.6.1 Build

Build 89:

[Fixed] Deploy button shows up again
[Fixed] "0m" showing near FPS/Ping when weapons without RangeFinder equipped
[Fixed (maybe?)] Player Stats window no longer shows up during match
[Improved] HUD: Kill Streak images for killing Infantry/ground/air, and for Melee kills vs Headshots
[Improved] HUD: Moved Kill Streak info up, should be less in the way
[Improved] HUD: Objectives fade in/out over distance, not just at the end. They should be less distracting now
[Improved] HUD: Objectives fade even more when offscreen (clamped to the side)
[Improved] Menu navigation. Match navbar (top) shows up more correctly
[Improved] Menus fading in/out on transitions (most of the time)

Build 88:

[Fixed] Sometimes entering chat may not work

Build 87:

[New] Lobby chat
[Fixed] Late joining is set when joining a game that has ended

Build 86:

[New] Bug submission + screenshot feature. Hit ctrl+alt+p to open the submission window
[Fixed] Issue joining matches that has already ended
[Fixed] Bomb HUD stays active for attacking team
[Fixed] Create Match: Create button disappears going from Browse to Create
[Improved] Inventory: equip/unequip and assign/unassign button show up more correctly for different item types

Build 85:

[Fixed] Create Match: Create button disappears going from Browse to Create
[Fixed] survivor score decreases during count down
[Improved] Inventory: equip/unequip and assign/unassign button show up more correctly for different item types
[Changed] If opposing team leaves, team cannot be eliminated until time has expired (boosting prevention)

Build 84:

[New] 20 sec wait between rounds
[New] Players in the match will auto deploy between rounds

Build 83:

[New] Melee progression
[Fixed] Spectating opposing team
[Changed] Late joining not allowed after count down
[Changed] 60 sec wait between matches
[Changed] Player limit strictly enforced between teams (player limit / teams)

Build 82:

[Fixed] Issues with deploying (more fixes to come)

Build 81:

[New] Match cannot begin without enough players
[New] Clicking a player in Deploy screen brings up profile
[New] Added Map and Mode info to Create Match screen
[New] Mods can now join full matches
[Fixed] Issue joining locked arenas as moderator
[Improved] Moved Game Mode info in Deploy screen to top, added description
[Improved] Improved menu flow + fading between menus
[Improved] Player name / match time increased size. Moved match time over minimap
[Changed] Disable inventory + store functionality in match while alive

Build 80:

[Fixed] bugs in game modes

Build 79:

[Fixed] Login fields not showing up

Build 78:

[New] Unity 4.6 Build

Build 77:

[Fixed] new matches use default values for time, players, score instead of max values
[Fixed] camera clipping thru walls

Build 76:

[Improved] character camera wall collision

Build 75:

[Fixed] objectives list not properly initialized when game begins


  1. RC2 Facebook
  3. Test server change log until build 140
  4. Test server change log from build 140

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