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UAZ469 001b
Team: Red
Counterpart of the blue M998 HMMWV
Type: Light Utility Vehicle
Health: 150
Speed: Very fast
Agility: Good
Primary weapon: None
Passenger's weapon: PKM 7,62mm machine gun (test server 2013 only)

The UAZ-469 is a light utility vehicle (LUV) of the Red Team. It is equivalent to the M998 HMMWV of the Blue Team.

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With more protection, stronger armor and a 50 cal. gun emplacement, the UAZ is a reliable and well armored transport vehicle. Strike hard and fast as you and your squad conquer objectives, overwhelm your enemies and wreck havoc across the battlefield.
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The UAZ is available for purchase in the Red Crucible Firestorm Store. Price 600 Coins or 60.000 Honor points. There is also a unlockable version of it. Price 50 coins or 600 honor points.

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