Titan 20
File:Titan 20.png
Based on: Anzio 20mm rifle
Rate: 1x/0.5s
Range: 1200m
Accuracy: 99%
Recoil: 60%
Mobility: 64.9%
Magazine: 5
Reloading time: 5s
ADS zoom: 12x
Class: Sniper
Price: 1000Coin or 100,000Hp

The Titan 20 is a Sniper Rifle that was released in both Red Crucible: Firestorm and Red Crucible: Reloaded.

Red Crucible: FirestormEdit

The Titan 20, along with it's Platinum variant, was released on 03/30/2016. It was designed to be an Anti-Materiel Rifle, much like the Talon, but with higher damage output, in fact it deals the highest amount of damage of all bullet-based weapons in the game, killing everyone in one shot regardless of tier, powerful enough to kill someone by simply shooting them in the foot, however, the extreme power comes a a serious cost of speed, being the slowest weapon in the game in basically all aspects except for the time to kill, assuming you land an accurate hit on the very first try, otherwise, avoid using this weapon for anything other than long-range sniping and harassing the enemy team.

After the release of the Titan 20 the Talon was given back it's Anti-Armor abilities. The Titan 20 can be thought of as a direct upgrade to the Talon. The Titan 20 has a huge scope compared to other snipers in RCF. This is an advantage and disadvantage as you can see more and plan out how to kill you are target more easily but you lose awareness around you.

Red Crucible: ReloadedEdit

The Titan 20 & it's platinum variant was released on the same date as it's variant in RCF.

Titan 20 PlatinumEdit

The Titan-20 Platinum was released as a reward in the Titan 20 Warchest.


Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 100 130 169 219 285 371 482 627 815 1060 1378 1792

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