The Trace
The Trace
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Location: Inner German Border, Germany
Terrain: Urban
The Trace map

This arena is designed to be located on the Inner German Border, or as the US Army referred to it, The Trace.
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The Trace is an arena with an East German military camp on one side (where the red team spawns), and the town of Schlotzau on the other side (where the blue team spawns). It is divided in the middle by a river, crossed by two bridges. The red team spawns in the camp, and the blue team spawns in the town. This is probably one of the least played maps in RC2.

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  • This map is set in low-light, overcast, rainy conditions. The main colors are dark gray, dull green, and dull brown. Ideal camouflage patterns and color schemes are woodlands, jungle, or black. Visibility is similar to that of Maelstrom.
  • The arena contains two choke points in the center in the form of a pair of bridges: one containing a road, and the other containing a railroad track. Players are unable to traverse the river at any other point, and will die if they go too far into the water. The visibility and terrain allows players to sit near the edge of the river and fire over into the other side with sniper or demolitions weapons.

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