The Refinery
The Refinery
Location: Southeastern Iraq
Size: Medium
Terrain: Industrial
Weather: Cloudy
Time: Night
File:The Refinery map.png

The Refinery is an arena that takes place in the oil refinery facility in the center of another map, 73 Easting, although unlike in the other map, The Refinery is set at night. There are no vehicles in this map, and it is rather large, so the best weapons are sniper rifles. The gameplay in this map is very slow and calculating, reminiscent of Island X (mainly due to its large size), although this arena is much more complex.

Tips & Tactics Edit

  • The best strategy is either to sweep along the tops of the side buildings, searching inward for targets, or to take the high ground on one of the center buildings with a sniper rifle. The middle building is the tallest, and is a great vantage point for snipers.  It's also possible to crouch and patrol the long building roofs on either side of the map.
  • The main colors of this map are dark blue and a dark sand color (desert at night), with yellow accents. The best camouflage patterns to use are desert and SWAT.

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