The Grizzly
Based on: AEK-791
Rate: 720 RPM
Range: 250m
Accuracy: 87%
Recoil: 28%
Mobility: 85%
Magazine: 30
Reloading time: 3s
ADS zoom: 1.5x
Class: Assault
Price: 100,000 Hp or 1,000 Coin
RC2 Grizzly Review by Luftangreifer03:49

RC2 Grizzly Review by Luftangreifer

The Grizzly is a premium Assault weapon. It resembles a late model Russian AEK-971.

Performance Edit

This weapon was known for its high damage and particularly long range. The Grizzly has the longest range of any assault rifle. This is balanced by the Grizzly's hip-fire accuracy being not as spectacular as its long range ability, so it is wise to combine it with a short-range, rapid-fire secondary like the UZI.

Its sight has a large circle for close range and a tiny red dot for longer range engagements.


Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 22 28 37 48 62 81 106 138 179 233 303 394

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