The Test Server is a server where new features will be available first. It is located at

Most of the time, the test server is only open to test players. However, in rare occasions, it is open to everyone.

History Edit

2013 Edit

The test server was open for a considerable time during 2013. It showed many vehicles that were not seen at any point later. The map 73 Easting was showed, with the following vehicles in it:

The arena Grimrog was also demonstrated, with the following new vehicles:

Videos Edit

Red Crucible: Firestorm Edit

The test server for Firestorm was opened on January 22 and closed on April 11, 2015. Firestorm was teased in Youtube videos, and many vehicles were seen in previews, but not in the public beta.

Vehicles Edit

Alpha (not public)
Beta (public)
  • Gaz39B
  • YW-309 (changed from a heavy cannon + ATGM to a autocannon + machine gun during public beta)
  • PT76
  • Mi2
  • Z11

Gallery Edit