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The teams in the game are the Red Team and the Blue Team. They are based on the two main factions in the Cold War: the NATO and the Soviet Union respectively.

Armory Edit

Weapons Edit

Primary Secondary
Blue Red
Assault M16 AK-74
Support SAW RPK
Sniper M16 Sniper AK Sniper
Demolition AT4 RPG-22
Blue Red
Sidearm M9 Makarov
Knife Bayonet Knife

Vehicles Edit

Blue Red
IFVs M2 Bradley BMP-2
AAVs M163 VADS ZSU-23-4
M48 Chaparral 9K35 Strela-10
MBTs M1 Abrams T-72
M60 Patton T-62M
MRLs M270 MLRS BM-21 Grad
AAGs M167 VADS ZU-23-2
Phalanx CIWS
Blue Red
UHs UH-60 Black Hawk Mi-8 Hip
AHs AH-64 Apache Mi-24 Hind
AH-1 Cobra Ka-52 Hokum-B
GSAs A-10 Thunderbolt II Su-25
AV-8 Harrier Yak-38