Based on: Accuracy International L96A1
Rate: 60 RPM
Accuracy: 99%
Mobility: 80%
Reloading time: 3s
Class: Sniper

Get this Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, L96 variant! Armed with 7.62mm rounds, this sniper rifle is sure to send your enemies packing.
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The Taranis is a premium Sniper weapon, released on December 10, 2014.

Just like with the Talon, the scope mechanics react differently to every other sniper rifle in the game. Instead of having the screen fill with the scope, only the center portion becomes zoomed. This means the edges of the screen remain the natural view.

This can be a positive attribute of the Taranis family, because it allows the player to see opponents to the sides, without stopping to remove the zoom. However, the well-known twitching ADS glitch in RC2 makes the scope inaccurate.

In Red Crucible Firestorm, All 50cal snipers are a 1 shot kill weapon if fired anywhere above the abdominal of the player. This includes the chest, head and shoulders. As the Taranis sniper is a 50cal sniper, it makes it a 1 shot kill weapon if it's used in the designated areas. This makes the Taranis sniper's low damage into one of the highest damaging snipers. However, the Taranis has one of the most inconsistent one shot kill areas, as only hitting the upper chest or the head will kill. The lower chest and anything below that will not kill. To make up for it's low damage, it has very high stability which makes it easier for the player to hit the upper abdominal.

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 26 33 43 57 74 96 125 163 212 275 358 465

The damage of all three versions is the same.

Variants Edit

Taranis B Edit

Taranis B
Taranis B
Range: 600m
Recoil: 36%
Magazine: 10
ADS zoom: 8x
Price: 350 Coin or 35,000 Hp

The Taranis Bronze is the default version of the weapon. It has a 10 round clip, and x8 zoom scope.

Taranis S Edit

Taranis S
Taranis S
Range: 675m
Recoil: 33%
Magazine: 10
ADS zoom: 10x
Price: 650 Coin or 65,000 Hp

The Taranis Silver's only improvements are a slight change in the scope zoom, and damage increase. It has a 10 round clip like the Bronze but has a x10 zoom scope instead.

Taranis G Edit

Taranis G
Taranis G
Range: 800m
Recoil: 30%
Magazine: 15
ADS zoom: 12x
Price: 1,000 Coin or 100,000 Hp

The Taranis Gold, like most other Gold premium weapons, features a custom camouflage pattern and a sound suppressor. It also has a 15 round clip, and has a x12 zoom scope.

Trivia Edit

  • The Taranis has an unique scope, which looks just like in real life. It also features a unique smoke effect when firing.
  • The Taranis family deals the lowest damage of all the premium sniper rifles, but have steady fire rates and headshots are always instant-kill.
  • Taranis guns should be used carefully in smaller arenas, such as Red Dawn. They are relatively accurate, but require the player to aim for already weakened opponents, or for headshots.
  • Before Red Crucible Firestorm Open Beta was released, this weapon was called the 'LG96', with the Taranis S being displayed. This can be seen in the Frankfurt Alpha Gameplay by Rocketeer Games.
  • The Taranis family has the fastest bolt cycling rate of all the bolt action guns in the game.

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