Type: Artillery
Health: 1200
Speed: 48
Crew: 1
Primary weapon: Heavy artillery
Rate of fire:1/s

The TOS-1 is an Artillery vehicle Red Crucible Firestorm. It is infamous among many of the ground vehicles currently in the game, and, like the Hellraiser, it is one of the most controversial items in the game. It was, like the Hellraiser, officially retired from the game in an unspecificed month & day, 2016 and will not make a return, however, it was replaced by the TOS-1A, a "more balanced" version of it.

Performance Edit

Strong armor, large field range and loaded with incendiary rockets; this artillery unit is great for clearing enemy militia and ground vehicles from afar! The TOS-1 is no longer available for purchase in the Red Crucible Firestorm Store.

Appearances Edit

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