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T-80BV 001small
Team: Red
Counterpart of the blue M1 Abrams
Type: Main Battle Tank
Health: 1500
Speed: Slow - average
Agility: Very low
  • Driver/gunner
  • Machine gunner
Primary weapon: 2A46 125mm cannon
Secondary weapon: PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
Passenger's weapon: NSV 12.7mm machine gun

The T-80BV is the primary Main Battle Tank of the Red Team in Red Crucible and Red Crucible 2.

History Edit

An evolution of the T-64, the T-80BV is the pride of the Soviet Army. As such, it is only available to the most elite Red Army units.

Performance Edit

The T-80BV is the most powerful land vehicle available to Red forces in Red Crucible. Its main gun will make short work of most units.

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