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RC Stinger
Damage: 300
Rate: 60 RPM
Range: 700m
Accuracy: 99%
Recoil: 40%
Mobility: 82%
Magazine: 1
Reloading time: 6s
ADS zoom: x6
Class: Demolitions
Price: 25,700 Hp or 257 Coin

The Stinger is a shoulder-fired guided anti-air missile launcher, which fires mouse-guided missiles.

It has almost the same stats as the SA7, but with a 100m higher range.

The Stinger is extremely deadly to aerial targets, if possible, have a team mate in your squad to have this( or the SA7) to counter aerial threats. Pilots should be extremely careful of stinger user, any enemy suspected of being a stinger user should be prioritized immediately

Stinger "Hawk Eye"Edit

The Hawk Eye is the Gun Runner variant of the Stinger. The scope is now used in place of the iron sights, and now has lock-on capability at the cost of only having 3 rockets to differentiate it from the Javelin, and for balance reasons.

Hawk Eye

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