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Location: Germany
Size: Large
Terrain: Urban
Weather: Mostly sunny (RC2 & RCR), snowy and foggy (RCF)
Time: Noon
Sledgehammer map

RCF's Sledgehammer preview image.

Sledgehammer is a rural arena set in a cluster of small German towns in the state of Bavaria. The three towns depicted in this arena are not true geographical representations of the actual towns or the distances between them, the building styles, terrain, climate, and topography are all reasonably accurate.

The red team spawns in Ginhart, the blue team spawns in Hohenfeld, and the town of Zeegendorf and a train station lie in between them. The very center of the arena is train station, and the arena is surrounded on all sides by pine trees and mountains reminiscient of the Bavarian Alps.

Vehicles Edit

Red Team Blue Team

Red Crucible FirestormEdit

Sledgehammer debuted in the RCF Steam Beta, and will be released in the main RCF. Unlike RC2 and RCR, the map is instead winterish, and there are snow piles, along with the destructible objects from the latest A7 Autobahn.

Tips & TacticsEdit

The main colors of this arena are green, yellow, and gray. The buildings tend to have a red/yellow/gray color scheme, and there are rocks, abandoned civilian vehicles, hay bales, trees, and bushes for cover. Recommended camouflage is woodlands or the default USSR infantry uniform. This map is good for snipers and infantry with RPG-7s or M202s. In RCF it is changed to a snowy palette so a white colored camouflage would work.

Trivia Edit

  • Real-life villages in this arena:
  • Before release, this arena was called "Red Hammer".[1]
  • In RCF, this map has replaced Frostbite.
  • The map in Firestorm reuses the loading screen for Frostbite in RCR.

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References Edit

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