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Based on: SPAS-12
Rate: 300 RPM
Range: 50m
Accuracy: 74%
Recoil: 70%
Mobility: 85%
Magazine: 8
Reloading time: 4s
ADS zoom: x1.5
Class: Assault
Price: 1,000Coin or 100,000Hp

The Slayer is a semi-automatic shotgun, available as part of the Halloween 2014 promotion along with the hockey mask and the ski mask skull. The Slayer shares the same abilities as the shotgun, yet has a slightly lower recoil and bloodied decals to go with the face-mashers set. The Slayer has a red-dot sight mounted on the top rail, and an angled grip on the fore-end.

Since July, the customer skin slayer shotgun has gone to a platinum class weapon as the slayer g has no custom skin and it is Equip with a Holographic sight, same as its platinum predecessor.

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 30 39 50 65 85 111 144 188 244 318 413 537

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