The Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS), the blue team's rocket launching vehicle.

BM-21 001

BM-21 Grad, the red team's MRL.

The Mobile Artillery is a combat ground vehicle in Red Crucible 2. The Blue Team uses the American M270 MLRS, while the Red Team uses the Soviet/Russian BM-21 Grad.

Performance Edit

Speed and Maneuverability Edit

To compensate for their lack of armor, the SPA's are quite fast and agile, second only to the Air Defence Vehicles. To avoid attacks by rocket launchers (to which these vehicles are extremely vulnerable), it is a good strategy to take advantage of the SPA's speed and maneuverability, constantly changing direction and quickly moving from cover to cover.

Armor Edit

These vehicles have the weakest armor of all the ground vehicles (except for LUV). It can be destroyed by one shot from another rocket launcher, two shots from a Main Battle Tank, 2-4 rockets from a helicopter, or about two magazines from a .50 cal sniper rifle or several bursts from a SPAAG.

Armaments Edit

The MRL is armed with rockets that, unlike other vehicles' rockets, don't fire straight, but go downward at an angle. These rockets are extremely powerful, and a well-aimed rocket can easily take down a helicopter.

Each MRL is also equipped with a machine gun which can be used by the passenger.

Tips & Tactics Edit

Because of their limited range but strong damage, the MRLs are very effective in a support role, shelling an area with a high concentration of enemies. The 1-3 second delay (depending on trajectory) between firing and impact makes them more effective at close range or attacking a high concentration of enemies in a confined space (such as the town in A7 Autobahn, or Frankfurt). However, because of their thin armor, it is more effective to attack an area from behind an obstacle to provide cover fire for other units.

In a convoy of various vehicle types, it is advantageous to stay near a light or medium tank that can provide protection from helicopters.

When driving and launching rockets, check for infantry with demolition weapons. A single rocket can easily kill an unprotected soldier on foot. It's also good to have a passenger since the machine gun is useful for attacking infantry and helicopters.