Santa House
Santa House
Location: Unknown
Terrain: Urban
Release date: December 2013 (RC2), every December (for Firestorm/Reloaded)
File:Santa House map.png

Santa House was released in December 2013. It is very compact and is the best map for close quarters combat in Red Crucible. It was stated that it would be released for every December in the Firestorm and Reloaded versions.

Tips & Tactics Edit

  • Unfortunately, this map is dominated by Miniguns, Shotguns and Saiga-12s. Unless you have one of these or a Katana, it's difficult to get a good score. That being said, if you play smart it is possible to win.
  • There are two main strategies to use:
    1. Camp out with your support weapon.
    2. Run around with a shotgun or melee weapon. Don't expect to survive very long, because this map can be very fast-paced. 
  • A tunnel runs underneath the map and emerges near the enemy's spawnpoint.  This makes it easy to sneak up on them from behind.


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