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Red Crucible: Firestorm
Genre FPS / TPS
Developers Rocketeer Games
  • John Kuraica - CEO
  • Lo Saeturn - CTO
  • Travis Tondee - Technical Animator
  • Jose Concha - 3D Artist
  • Luis Uribe - Technical Environment Artist
  • Darcy Nelson - Software Engineer
  • Scott Starks - Community Manager
Engine Unity 3D
Release date April 15, 2015
Modes Online
  • PC
  • Mac
Size 45 MB
Input methods Keyboard and mouse / trackpad
Price Free
Ratings 17+ (App Store)
Version 1.7.9
Version history

Red Crucible is a free-to-play online shooter released in August 2010 by Rocketeer Games.

The First Person Shooter that thrusts players into the heat of battle.. This war-based shooter supports 20 player matches and includes 6 Engaging Game Modes within 6 Beautiful Maps. Lead your team to victory with Tanks, Transports, Jets and many other Aircraft. With countless customization options and a wide variety of gear and guns to choose from, players can create unique and intimidating soldiers that represent themselves best on the battlefield. Bring your friends and join the battle.
Rocketeer Games Studio, LLC

Firestorm was released on April 15, 2015. It became available on Steam Early Access on May 29th, 2015.

Unlike from Red Crucible 1.0 to Red Crucible 2, Red Crucible Firestorm is a completely new game in the stores. This upgrade added new gameplay mechanics, updated maps, new vehicles, and new items. While Red Crucible 1.0 and Red Crucible 2.0 were set in the 1990's Cold War, The firestorm update is set in the War on Terror, a proxy war. Where the previous games were NATO vs USSR, RCF is about a chaos with China and private military companies involved.[1]

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Red Crucible is playable for anyone. One does not need to create an account in order to play the game. However, the progress of the guest player will not be saved.

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Red Crucible can best be described as a tactical arcade-like shooter. Players can play in first-person, or in third-person mode. There are ground and air vehicles available in arenas in deserts, villages, bays, and an oil rig.

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