Based on: P90
Rate: 900 RPM
Range: 100m
Accuracy: 86%
Recoil: 27%
Mobility: 85%
Magazine: 50
Reloading time: 3s
ADS zoom: 1.5x
Class: Assault
Price: 100,000 Hp or 1,000 Coin

The Reaper is a personal defense weapon equipped with a red dot sight. It is very popular among players at higher levels.

Performance Edit

While it suffers from an unpredictable recoil and limited range, its phenomenal fire-rate, magazine size and reload speed make it an ideal weapon for maps like Kiev or inside Red Dawn. Although the Reaper only has a range of 100m, it can be used as a long range weapon utilizing the large mag and high fire-rate. Yet the Reaper is rather inefficient for targets past 100m.

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 18 23 30 39 51 66 86 112 146 190 248 322

Trivia Edit

  • The high fire-rate caused some of the community to complain about the Reaper being over-powered, but this can be equaled by the Vortex G (30 round clip, but same fire-rate)

See also Edit

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