Proximity Mine
Proximity Mine
Based on: TM-62 series
Price: 2 Coin or 100 Hp

Proximity Mines are anti-personnel/anti-tank devices that can be picked up from an airdrop or bought for 10 coins. They are dropped by pressing 0.

Mines will detonate automatically when an enemy walks near them, or you can detonate one yourself (friendly or enemy) by shooting it with a weapon. This makes the mines even more effective as a trap, as a sniper can detonate them manually where a tank or person might not have triggered it otherwise.

It is impossible to trip a friendly mine by running over it, but you can destroy it with a weapon. This is not to your team's advantage at all. Use proximity mines creatively, and proximity mines can be set as booby traps to stop enemy players and vehicles from advance, this is especially effective in maps like A7 Autobahn in which there is a clear boundary, in which vehicles and players cross to infiltrate the other side's territory, so is a good place to set a minefield, like what the trivia said, proximity mines can be used if you're pursued by laying a field of them or setting a trail of them to stop or slow down pursuers.

Trivia Edit

  • Mines from both teams look identical, however if you point your sights at your own team mines it will have the little 'x' and won't allow you to shoot it.
  • Mines are commonly used to get out of the map by building bridges with them.
  • In RCF, the proximity mines have been renamed to anti-vehicle mine, while the infantry mine is renamed to claymore, giving it a completely new consumable. However, the anti-vehicle mines are extremely hard to obtain without buying them.

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