Demolitions - Tier 1
Based on: Panzerfaust 3
Damage: 1000
Range: 1200m
Accuracy: 90%
Recoil: 25%
Mobility: 85%
Magazine: 1
Reloading time: 5.75s
ADS zoom: 4x
Class: Demolitions
Tier: 1
Price: 1,000 Coin

The Panzerfaust is a powerful single shot, portable rocket launcher. Its name comes from the German word for tank "panzer" and devil, "faust."

Performance Edit

With a 1000 damage shot, it is incredibly powerful and can destroy most vehicles (aside from MBTs, which have 1500 armor). Although the rocket cannot be guided like the SA7 or the Stinger, the damage and speed of the rocket make up for this disability.

The damage of the rocket cannot be upgraded or changed and remains as 1000 for all tiers. The explosion has a very restricted blast-zone (or "splash-zone") and will not injure opponents who aren't directly hit by the rocket itself.

After the Firestorm update, the Panzerfaust is no longer able to take out APCs in one shot, instead, requiring up to 3 shots to kill.

See also Edit

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