Panzer Pistol
Demolitions - Tier 1
Panzer Pistol
Based on: Heckler & Koch HK69A1
Damage: 50
Range: 550m
Accuracy: 85%
Recoil: 35%
Mobility: 82%
Reloading time: 5s
Class: Demolitions
Tier: 1
Price: 1000Coin

The Panzer Pistol is a handheld single-shot grenade launcher.

Performance Edit

The Panzer Pistol fires one grenade with a similar flight to the MGL. Although this weapon was initially an instant kill, it now kills in two shots unless the grenade makes direct contact with the target.

This weapon allows instant kills without direct hits, yet it is common to see a shot hit the ground nearby and no one is killed by the shot.

History Edit

The Panzer was initially a secondary weapon that would instantly kill a target, however due to several complaints being filed about the weapon being overpowered, it was nerfed to kill in two shots instead of one. Rocketeer also removed this weapon's secondary weapon status as a whole, as the Panzer is now a primary weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Panzer is the german word for tank. So its translated name is Tank Pistol
  • Although the Panzer has a very small to almost no chance of being put back on the premium market, it might make a debut in War Chest instead.

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