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Support - Tier 7
RC Pkmg
Based on: PKM (Unlockable) PKP "Pecheneg" (Gun Runner)
Rate: 600 RPM
Range: 300m
Accuracy: 75%
Recoil: 40%
Mobility: 78%
Magazine: 200
Reloading time: 4s
ADS zoom: 1.25x
Class: Support
Tier: 7
Price: 600Hp or 50Coin (Unlockable) 400 Coin 40,000 Hp

The PKMG is a tier 7 Support weapon.

This gun is very good at long, medium and even short range combat. It has high power, good firing rate, and a controllable recoil. All these things makes this gun a dangerous weapon and one of the best unlockable guns you can get.

The gun can rip anything to pieces in 2 shots, it is strongly recommended to keep this beauty and upgrade it to T12.

Performance Edit


PKMG "Pecheneg" Edit

The Pecheneg is the Gun Runner variant of the PKMG, sporting a new look and an optic similar to that of the Grizzly. It boasts the same damage, and has extremely high recoil, which limits it's use to close range. It is similar in performance to the Hellraiser S, and to some extent, the Hellbender.

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 125 163 212 275 358 465


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