Support - Tier 12 (Black)

RC Minigun

Minigun Jungle

Minigun Desert

Minigun Winter

Damage: 430
Rate: 900 RPM
Range: 200m
Accuracy: 72%
Recoil: 80%
Mobility: 78%
Magazine: 200
Reloading time: 8s
Class: Support
Tier: 12 (Black)
Price: 50 Coin (Black)
425 Coin (Others, unlocked in the store)

The Minigun was originally the last weapon unlocked in the Support class, However, since the firestorm update; it has been replaced with the MG3.

Performance Edit

This gun is the best at short and sometimes medium range conflict, but is poor at long range combat. It has high damage and shares the highest firing rate in the game with the Reaper. Being a massive weapon, it reduces movement speed by a significant amount so the operator should be wary of this if they are in a fight. During the firestorm update, the minigun has seen a buff.

Its accuracy and stability has been drastically improved so it can shoot at long range targets.

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