Demolitions - Tier 1
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Damage: 45
Rate: 60 RPM
Range: 500m
Accuracy: 80%
Recoil: 50%
Mobility: 82%
Magazine: 6
Reloading time: 10s
Class: Demolitions
Tier: 1
Price: 1,000 Coin
Red Crucible 2 MGL

Red Crucible 2 MGL

The MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a Limited Demolitions weapon.

Performance Edit

Initially, the MGL was a one shot kill weapon though during an update the MGL was downgraded to 45/50 base damage, making it a one shot kill.

The MGL is set to return to a one shot kill weapon in the highly anticipated Firestorm update.

History Edit

As of 21 October 2013, the MGL cannot be bought anymore. Anyone who has previously bought the weapon before it became Limited Edition still posseses the weapon.

The original MGL cost 340 coins, while the LE MGL cost 1000 coins and was available in the shop for a couple of days.

There is virtually no difference in look while comparing the original MGL and the LE MGL. It is the same but sold for different price.

Trivia Edit

  • You can not aim down the sight with the MGL, causing it to have terrible accuracy at the expense of maximum damage.
  • The MGL is one of the rarest weapons in game due to being unavailable for purchase for long periods at a time.


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