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Demolitions - Tier 1
RC M202
Damage: 800
Rate: 60 RPM
Range: 650m
Accuracy: 95%
Recoil: 35%
Mobility: 82%
Magazine: 4
Reloading time: 6s
ADS zoom: x4
Class: Demolitions
Level: 30
Tier: 1
Price: 40,500 Hp or 405 Coin
Red Crucible M20202:41

Red Crucible M202

The M202 FLASH (Flame Assault SHoulder Weapon) is a quadriple rocket launcher. It shoots 4 incendiary missile dealing 800 damage each, for a net total of 3,200 damage per launcher.

It can be found in the store once the player reached level 30.

Performance Edit

While potentially devastating in close-quarters, it's less-than-stellar accuracy means that it is a far better performer up-close than from afar. When targeting enemy vehicles, wait for them to close in to ensure that all missiles score a hit.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The M202 is actually a rocket powered flame thrower used by the US Army partially in the Vietnam War. It features four tubes that can lo74 rockets are equipped with M235 warheads, containing approximately 1.34 pounds (0.61 kg) of an incendiary agent.

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