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The M1 Abrams is the Main Battle Tank of the Blue Team in Red Crucible 2. It also appears in Red Crucible: Firestorm.

Red Crucible 2 Edit

Team: Blue
Type: Main Battle Tank
Health: 1500
Primary weapon: M256 120mm cannon
Secondary weapon: Machine gun
Passenger's weapon: M2HB 12.7mm machine gun

The M1 Abrams is the newest and most advanced main battle tank in US army service. It is also in the service of several other nations across the world. Devised as a replacement for the aging M60 Patton, the Abrams entered service in 1980. As the variant appearing in game, M1A1 sports numerous upgrades including the M256 120mm smooth bore cannon and enhanced armor protection.

Performance Edit

As the heaviest land vehicle for Blue forces, the M1 Abrams is not to be underestimated. The slow movement speed of the tank is easily compensated by its heavy firepower.

Appearances Edit

Media Edit

Red Crucible: Firestorm Edit

M1 Abrams

The Abrams returns to RCF, now with desert camouflage. It can be obtained for free as the lst tank in the tank unlock tree, and was formerly unlocked by completing the Steel Fist M1A1 Abrams mission.

Statistically, it is one of the more dangerous MBTs in the game, as it is very maneuverable while having very good firepower, and with it's short cooldown time in comparison with the M1A2 TUSK II (the M1A1's bigger brother in a sense), a destroyed tank can quickly return to the battlefield. However, you are not invincible. The tracks are a weak spot, and are easily aimed at, and when fighting in one-on-one duels, you will most likely lose, compared to tanks like the T-64A, which have very good armor in the track areas, meaning that long range sniping in a hull-down position is more suited for this tank. However, it's not a bad tank considering it's free, and is a very strong contender to any premium tank, even the Black Eagle and T-14 Armata when used correctly.

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