Location: Unknown, Kiev-class aircraft carrier
Terrain: Ship
File:Kiev map.png

Aircraft carrier at the pride of the Red naval fleet. An elite Blue force intercepts the Kiev naval task force.
In-game description

Kiev is one of the earliest maps released in Red Crucible. It takes place on a medium Kiev-class aircraft carrier. The Red Team spawns on the bow side of the carrier, while the Blue Team spawns on the stern side. This arena contains no vehicles; all guns, missile launchers, and aircraft on deck are static objects.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  • With a sniper rifle, you can take the high ground by running up the ramps to the top of the tower, or you can hide behind the aircraft and shoot under them at people's feet. You can also snipe from the bottom of the ramps on the blue side.
  • With a support or assault weapon, you will most likely get the most kills by setting up in the large room below deck halfway between the spawnpoints. This room contains multiple pinch points, and with a heavy machine gun or assault rifle, you can cover a doorway and hit people as they run through.
  • Since there are no vehicles, demolition weapons are not much good here.
  • The main colors for this map are dull red and metalic gray (as pictured above). The best camouflage styles are anything dull, neutral, and primarily gray (some of the jungle patterns are like this). The basic USSR uniform works rather well too.

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