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Secondary Weapon
RC Katana
Rate: 1/1.2s (50 per minute)
Range: 1.7m
Accuracy: 100%
Reloading time: 0.1s
Class: Secondary Weapon
Price: 1,000Coin

The Katana is a premium melee weapon. With a long range of 1.7m, the Katana has an incredibly long reach for a melee weapon. The Katana has a slower swing speed than the Bayonet and basic Knife, hindering its use in a fast-paced fight, but allows for longer reach against opponents.

The Katana swing is almost silent and the player wielding it will not yell "Die!" as they slash. This is the same with the Fang.

As of it's latest release in the Katana War Chest, all of it's stats are the same as the Fang. Due to the difficulty of acquiring these Limited Edition weapons, it's a better choice to purchase the Assassin Bundle which also contains one of the rewards in the chest, the Dragon 18 G.

Performance Edit

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 100 130 169 219 285 371 482 627 815 1060 1378 1792

Trivia Edit

  • The developers have created a Flaming Katana to test fire particles. This flaming katana is only available to developers and moderators.

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