The subject of this article appeared in Red Crucible 2, but did not reappear in Red Crucible Firestorm.

 For the VTOL jets, see VTOL Jet Fighter.

Jets are air combat vehicles in Red Crucible 2.

In 73 Easting, all the jets are standard jets. The Blue Team uses the American A-10 Thunderbolt II, and the Red Team uses the Soviet Su-25. Each jet is armed with 6 rockets and an autocannon with 600 rounds of ammo.

Unlike helicopters, jets can crash. This, coupled with the difficulty new players may face when flying jets for the first time, makes flying jets difficult as well as dangerous. The base camp can be a good place to practice flying and aerial combat without the risk of being shot down.


TheGrimRogger confirms jets will not return in the meantime of RCF.

RC2 jet chase

A Su-25 chasing an A-10 Thunderbolt II

Controls Edit

To toggle between cockpit view (first person view) and third person view, press V. To zoom in or out, press F. This can be done in both first and third person view. It is useful for seeing enemies at a distance. To increase speed, hold W. To decelerate, hold S.

The mouse is used for aiming and controlling the direction of the aircraft's heading.

To fire the gun, press the left mouse button. To fire missiles, press the right mouse button or

Tactics Edit

  • When flying jets, as when using any vehicle, unpredictable movements are the key for victory. Fly quickly and maneuver frequently to avoid being an easy target. (Tip: You can make tighter turns when you decelerate.) Also, try to fly high above ground. Flying low can make you vulnerable to enemy ground and air vehicles and you risk crashing, while flying high can give you the element of surprise since you may even be invisible at a high altitude.
  • The jet's gun is best suited for taking down other enemy jets and helicopters. If possible, try to catch the enemy by surprise.
  • Rockets are best used against ground vehicles, helicopters, and slow-moving enemy jets. Rockets are slow and you can't lock on or control where they're headed so shoot ahead of moving targets.
  • Be cautious when flying over the enemy's bases, for there are numerous Air Defence Vehicles and -installations. AA guns are hard to destroy, even with a jet, and can take aircraft out in seconds.
  • Always remember to reload when there are no enemies around. You may never know when you will need to use your weaponry.