Based on: FGM-148 Javelin
Damage: 500
Rate: 1/s
Range: 500m
Accuracy: 100%
Recoil: 20%
Mobility: 87%
Magazine: 1
Reloading time: 3.5s
ADS zoom: 6x
Class: Demolitions
Price: 1000Coin or 100,000Hp

The Javelin is a premium Demolitions weapon released on September 30th, 2015.


The FGM-148 Javelin is a United States made, man portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile, replacing the older M47 Dragon.

It was designed in response to the need for a man-portable anti-tank missile, with an advanced internal guidance system and sufficient destructive power to tackle modern armor.

Design started in 1985, following subsequent prototypes, production and training, the first Javelins were deployed with US units in 1996.

The missile itself utilizes two shaped charges in its warhead; The precursor charge is smaller, and is designed to trigger the reactive armor found on many modern vehicles; The second larger charge penetrates the remaining conventional armor and disables the vehicle.

Performance Edit

The Javelin is a lock-on launcher, the only such weapon in the game.

To lock onto targets, make sure you have line of sight on your target, and fire once you have a clear visual. The rocket will automatically guide itself towards the target. Be warned that helicopters can evade the rocket by hiding behind large walls or by maneuvering constantly.

The Javelin is also capable of free-firing which allows it to take out infantry at short distances, but this is not recommended.


  • The firing mechanism for the Javelin in RCF differs from it's real life counterpart, as the Javelin in RCF is capable of free-firing while the real world Javelin requires a lock-on in order to fire, thus, the free-firing ability of the Javelin in-game is inaccurate.

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