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The Volkswagen Type 183, more commonly known as the Iltis (German for polecat), is a military vehicle built by Volkswagen for use by the German military. Also the Iltis was built under licence in Canada by Bombardier for 2,500 vehicles for the Canadian Forces and 2,673 vehicles for the Belgian Army. The Canadian production ran from 1984 to 1988 during which time a small number of vehicles were also delivered to Cameroon and Oman. Although the two vehicles were briefly offered simultaneously, the Type 183 effectively replaced the Type 181.

Red Crucible:Firestorm Edit

Type: Armed LUV
Unlocked: Level 8 or Mission
Health: 800
Primary weapon: None
Passenger's weapon: MG3

The Iltis is the second transport vehicle to be unlocked in Red Crucible: Firestorm.

It can be used as a alternative to the M151 since they both have mounted guns on top,but different armor.

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