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Based on: M60E3
Rate: 720 RPM
Mobility: 78%
Reloading time: 4s
Class: Support

The Hellraiser is a premium light machine gun available in November 2014. It is a premium version of the tier 8 M60 support weapon. It is truly the most controversial weapon in the entire game. On 08/31/2016, the Hellraiser was officially retired from RCF and will not be making a return, and was succeeded by the Hellbender LMG, which is the Hellraiser G without the silencer and reduced stability, due to complaints for being too overpowered.

It is rare for people to see the Hellraiser being used by others below Level 20, but it can be seen at the Above 20 League, since most of them plays RC2 which dates back around 2014. Although removed, it can still be used in the game.

Performance Edit

All three versions of the Hellraiser do the same amount of damage, but better versions feature better accuracy.

Damage Edit

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 26 33 43 57 74 96 125 163 212 275 358 465

Variants Edit

Hellraiser B Edit

Hellraiser B
Hellraiser B
Range: 250m
Accuracy: 77%
Recoil: 40%
Magazine: 100
ADS zoom: 1.25x
Price: 350Coin or 35,000Hp

The Hellraiser Bronze is the standard version of the weapon.

Hellraiser S Edit

Hellraiser S
Hellraiser S
Range: 250m
Accuracy: 79%
Recoil: 36%
Magazine: 100
ADS zoom: 2x
Price: 650Coin or 65,000Hp

The Hellraiser Silver has a custom sight attached.

Hellraiser G Edit

Hellraiser G
Hellraiser G
Range: 275m
Accuracy: 83%
Recoil: 32%
Magazine: 200
ADS zoom: 2x
Price: 1,000Coin or 100,000Hp

The Hellraiser Gold has the gunsight and a vertical grip attached. The Hellraiser G is the one of two support weapons that have a silencer (the Patriot is the second).

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