The beginner's guide for Red Crucible

Game Edit

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Quick Match Edit

Quick Match throws the player in the first match available.

Quick Match by Type Edit

Quick match by type gives the player two options:

Choose an arena
Game mode
Choose a game mode

If a match with your criteria doesn't exist yet, the server will create a new one.

Create Game Edit

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Create Game allows you to host your own match.

Options Edit

Choose an arena from the list.
Game name
Selects the name to display for players who want to join.
Public: Let everyone join
Private: Only let friends of you join.
Select the game mode of the match. Choose between
Kill limit
The amount of kills the team has to reach in order to win the game.
The time limit of the game. Once the time limit is reached, the team with the most kills wins.
The maximum amount of players allowed. Only even numbers.
Enemy on radar
The enemy will be permanently on the radar when ticked.
Infantry only
A mode where here are no vehicles in the map. Then spawn points will be closer to each other.

Browse Games Edit

RC browse games

Browsing a game allows you to see all the game which are currently running. You can fliter the games by selecing a specific Arena, Match or Mode.

Options Edit

The visual effects of the game, like the firing of weapons.
The resolution (amount of pixels) of the screen.
Motion blur
Blurred screen while sprinting
Damage blur
Blurred screen when hit.
Noise effect
Sound effect of explosions adapt to the distance of the explosion.
Bloom & flares
Light effects
Depth of field
Objects in the distance are blurred
Ambient occlusion
Shadow effects.
Shadow distance
The reach of shadow effects
View distance
The reach of sight of the player
A trick to soften the edges by adapting the colours of pixels. See also Wikipedia:Spatial anti-aliasing.
Sound, Music
Sound volumes
Mouse sensitivity
The sensitivity of the mouse when looking around.
Inverse look
Inverse Y-axis of the mouse.
Turn off Chat
Hide the chat.
Turn off HUD
Hide all information on the screen.

Controls Edit

Key On foot In land vehicles In air vehicles
Left mouse button Fire Fire primary weapon Fire primary weapon
Right mouse button Aim down sights Fire secondary weapon Fire secondary weapon
W Walk forward Drive forward Fly forward
S Walk backward Drive backward Fly backward
A Walk left Steer left Fly left
D Walk right Steer right Fly right
Jump Fire secondary weapon Ascend
C Crouch - Descend
E Enter vehicle Exit vehicle Exit vehicle
R Reload equipped weapon Reload weapons Reload weapons
F Aim down sights Zoom Zoom
⇧ Shift or Q Sprint - -
G Throw grenade - -
V Switch camera Switch camera Switch camera
I Open Character Workshop Open Character Workshop Open Character Workshop
esc or M Pause menu Pause menu Pause menu
U Show/hide map Show/hide map Show/hide map
Tab ⇆ Show scores Show scores Show scores
1 Wield primary weapon - -
2 Wield secondary weapon - -
3 Wield tertiary weapon (Melee weapon by default)
7 Call Air Strike - -
8 Call Artillery Strike - -
9 Use Medkit - -
0 Set Proximity Mine - -
↵ Enter Chat Chat Chat
T Team chat Team chat Team chat

Tips Edit

  • You can press ↵ Enter, M or I while holding another button (A for example) to keep moving.

Further help Edit

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