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Location: The Trace, Germany
Frostbite map

This arena takes place in a winter blizzard.
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Frostbite is the only map in the game that plays in a snow environment.

Overview Edit

This map takes place in a village in winter. It is a medium corridor-like vehicle map somewhat reminiscent of the Russian front in World War 2. This is a tank map, and does not include any helicopters. Each team spawns in a military base similar to the red base in Trace, with two towns in between the bases. A mixed deciduous and evergreen forest surrounds the map on both sides, offering some cover for snipers or rocket launchers covering the center road.

Vehicles Edit

Red Team Blue Team

Gameplay and Tactics Edit

While this map is mainly tank-centered, there are places for people to hide with rocket launchers around every corner, so tank drivers must remain alert. Visibility is very poor, but just enough that the sniper rifle is still a good weapon to use. For a map of this size and visibility, the L1A1 is very effective against bodies, as well as similar weapons. For the most part however, a rocket launcher will likely prove more useful as the map's size makes tanks a popular mode of transportation.

Camouflage Edit

Recommended camouflage is a winter pattern or possibly a very, very light desert pattern. Common colors range from light gray to a dull, slightly bluish gray in the distance, with mostly dark brown or dark gray obstacles and structures.

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Red Crucible: Reloaded Edit

RCR Frostbite load

Frostbite returns in RCR.

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