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Assault - Tier 3
Based on: Famas F1
Damage: 20
Rate: 12/s
Range: 200m
Accuracy: 80%
Recoil: 31%
Mobility: 85%
Magazine: 20
Starting ammo: Unlimited
Reloading time: 3s
Fire mode: Fully Automatic
ADS zoom: 1.25x
Class: Assault
Tier: 3
Price: 400 Hp

The FAMAS is a tier 3 Assault weapon that can be bought for 400Hp in the weapons tree.

Performance Edit

Once you get the hang of it this assault rifle is a powerful weapon. It is capable of kills at much longer ranges than 100m provided that you use the sight. However the iron sight takes up much of the screen, which is among one of the weapon's only weaknesses.