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Based on: Scorpion EVO 3
Class: Secondary

Have you run out of ammo and your secondary just isn't cutting it? Well look no further, with the new Dragula! This trusty secondary Sub Machine Gun can help get you out of a jam when times look bleak.
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The Dragula is an Premium Secondary SMG released in May 2015.

Performance Edit


Damage Edit


Dragula BEdit

Dragula B
File:Dragula B.png
Price: 30,000Hp or 300Coin

The Dragula Bronze is the standard version of the SMG with it's default iron sights. Being the least fancy it costs the least in the store.

Dragula SEdit

Dragula S
File:Dragula S.png
Price: 60,000 Hp or 600 Coin

The Dragula Silver has a Holographic sight attachment.

Dragula GEdit

Dragula G
Dragula G
Price: 100,000Hp or 1,000Coin

The Dragula Gold has a Foregrip, a Holographic sight, a Suppressor, an extended magazine and a custom camoflauge.

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