Red Crucible All Rockets !03:03

Red Crucible All Rockets !

Demolitions is the class that focuses on taking out vehicles. It equips grenade launchers or guided missile launchers as primary weapon.

Weapons Edit

Store weapons Edit

0 AT4 AT4
0 RC RPG-22 RPG-22
 ? RC Cgat CGAT
 ? RC SA7 SA7
 ? RC Stinger Stinger
 ? RC M72 M72
27 RC RPG-18 RPG-18
 ? RPG 16 RPG-16
 ? RPG-7 RPG-7
30 RC M202 M202

Premium weapons Edit

Panzerfaust Panzerfaust
964456 392279807556810 1095190735 o MGL
Panzer Pistol Panzer Pistol

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