(NOTE: There is NO guaranteed chance that you will win the platinum, or even gold versions of weapons on your FIRST TRY from these chests. These chests are like a LOTTERY. If you aren't comfortable with these, then don't buy them. Purchase and open at your own risk.)

Chests are "lottery" crates that work similarly to CS:GO boxes and TF2 crates.

They either award you XP (some), HP, coins, consumables, or a rare weapon of the selection.

There are a variety of different types of chests, mostly War Chests.

The rest include Legendary Chests, Incentive Chests, Rank Chests, and Reward Chests.

Legendary Chests include World War II weapons as major prizes. Each chest is 50 Coin or 500 Hp.

War Chests include special platinum and gold weapons of existing premiums. Each chest is 100 Coin.

Incentives are given by buying coins via Standalone or RGS's Website. Must buy at least $10 to guarantee a incentive.

Rank Chests are obtained by ranking up.

Reward Chests are obtained by doing certain missions or making up rampages in a match. Later off, the rampage idea was taken off. These include rarer consumables than rank chests.



JACKPOT (HP hack? No it's the Steam RCF beta HP bug.)

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