Location: Bosphorus Strait, Turkey
Size: Small
Time: Night
File:Bosperus map.png

Bosporus takes place on the famous Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. It resembles the real-life bridge due to it's characteristic blue supports, which light up blue during the night time. It has many cars which offer lots of cover. Each team spawns on opposite sides of the bridge. Players may go up on the bridge's support struts via the crane shown in the picture. The map is a sniper map, as it is rather long and has much cover.

Tactics Edit

  • The best tactic is to get to a medium range to the enemy spawnpoint and duck behind cars at all times. If an enemy comes near, bring out your secondary.
  • Go up the bridge through the crane. However, the crane is an active area and chances are you will receive more deaths for attempting to go up the crane.

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