• Ysbert

    Vehicle combat

    January 7, 2015 by Ysbert
    • Vehicles are more heavily armored on the front. This can be helpful when circling around a vehicle with a fast vehicle, but does not work with rocket launchers. Those always do the same amount of damage.
      • MBTs recieve twice as much damage from the back.
      • IFVs and ADVs recieve twice as much damage from the back and sides.
      • SPAs recieve 1.5 as much damage from the back.
    • When possible, shoot from behind cover. This is possible with the Self-Propelled Artillery and the Infantry Fighting Vehicle units and is highly effective (and fun when it works).
    • Do not destroy damaged enemy vehicles. You should better wait until an enemy gets inside, and then shoot the vehicle with the enemy in it.

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  • Ysbert


    January 5, 2015 by Ysbert

    Some tips for sniping:

    • Weapons are a lot more accurate when not moving. Moving makes it somewhat more difficult for other players to hit you, but sometimes it's not worth the loss of accuracy.
    • Golden weapons like the Golden Dragon can easily reveal your position.
    • Hide in plants or buildings. Also, move as little as possible as enemies will notice you much faster. Stay invisible and wait for the right moment.
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  • Metacom

    Air Combat Tips

    October 30, 2013 by Metacom

    Avoid slowing down as much as possible, remember the old adage: A moving target is harder to hit. Even if it means missing your target, you can still make another pass later, however if you slow down and get killed that doesn't do you any good.

    Never ever use helicopters in maps with jets. They are so easy for jets to kill while it takes a very lucky shot to shoot down a jet with a helicopter. 

    Remember to lead your target, don't aim for where it is, aim for where it will be when your bullets reach it.

    The jets in Grimrog have a little bit different controls from the ones in 73 Easting:

    -In Grimrog spacebar gives you upward force and is generally required to take off, it is also useful to pull out of a steep  dive. In 73 Easting spacebar fires…

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  • Metacom

    Vehicle Tips

    April 22, 2013 by Metacom

    The armor on vehicles is strongest on the front and weaker on the sides and back. When fighting another vehicle, try to angle your vehicle towards the enemy's side while still keeping your front pointing towards their gun. If your vehicle has two weapons, use them both to deal more damage and dispatch your enemy faster. Rememberm all vehicles respawn after being destroyed. If you have to ditch your team's vehicle because it is too damaged try to kill it, that way it will respawn  for your team. If you are in an enemy vehicle, try to hide it somewhere, that way they don't get it back or if they get into it, it will be very damaged and of little use

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