Red Crucible 2 Edit

Tier Armor Blue Armor Red Armor Blue Helmet Red Helmet
1 50 British Flak Vest Green USSR Flakvest Green USA Ranger Cap Woodlands Bush Cap khaki
2 65 West German Flak Vest Field Gray USSR Flakvest Green NBC Beret Green USSR Jungle Cap Green
3 84 British Flak Vest Woodlands DDR Flak Vest Desert USA Jungle Cap Woodlands USSR Jungle Cap Autumn
4 109 British Flak Vest Woodlands USSR Flakvest Desert West German Helmet Green USSR Helmet Green
5 142 French Flak Vest Desert USSR Flakvest Desert NBC West German Helmet Green Net USSR Helmet Green Net
6 185 French Flak Vest Woodlands USSR Flakvest Winter French Helmet Desert USSR Helmet Woodlands
7 241 French Flak Vest Black USSR Flakvest Winter NBC French Helmet Woodlands East German Helmet Summer
8 313 West German Flak Vest Woodlands Spetsnaz Flak Vest Leaf NBC West German Helmet Woodlands East German Helmet Grey
9 407 USA Flak Vest Winter Spetsnaz Flak Vest Tiger British Helmet Desert USSR Helmet Desert
10 530 USA Flak Vest Desert Spetsnaz Flak Vest Tiger NBC British Helmet Woodlands Spetsnaz Helmet Winter
11 689 USA Flak Vest Woodlands Spetsnaz Flak Vest Black USA Helmet Desert Spetsnaz Helmet Green
12 896 USA Flak Vest Jungle Spetsnaz Flak Vest Black NBC USA Helmet Woodlands Spetsnaz Helmet Black

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