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AH-64A Apache
Team: Blue
Health: 300
Speed: High
Agility: Medium
Primary weapon: AGM114 Hellfire rockets
Rate of fire:Very high
Passenger's weapon: M230 30mm cannon
Rate of fire:Very high

The AH-64 Apache is the primary attack helicopter of the Blue Team.

               Performance and Tactics

           The AH-64 apache is a fast, relatively agile, heavily armoured and is heavily armed with machine cannons and rockets, and can sustain a good amount of fire, and is very popular among players, like any attack helicopters use unexpected manoeuvre to outwit your enemies and fly high so threats from the ground can't track you, because of the heavy armour and powerful weaponry and speed and decent agility, use fast bombing run style attack to take out large amount of enemy vehicles and players, use machine guns to spike down fast moving targets, light armoured vehicles and players, use rockets for other helicopters, camping spots and heavily armoured vehicles. The Apache's agility is not so good with other helicopters so don't get to close fight instead take them down using dense, overwhelming barage of cannon and missile fire to take down other helicopters at long ranges.

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